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Simon’s life is neat and functioning, until he’s thrown off course by a baffling phone call. He loses all sense of his own identity, even his sanity, when he sees himself in other people. He is now unable to distinguish between what is genuine and what is not. Simon’s nerves are at the end as he confronts his fate.


2021 – short film – thriller – 14min

Cast: Lukas Coleselli, Lara Ziffer,

Siglinde Roth, Erwin Milla


Director: Maximilian Milla

Producers: Paul Miklautz, Maximilian Milla

Screenplay: Maximilian Milla, Bianca Amberger

DOP: Felix Zorn-Pauli


Gaffer: Fabian Rothschedl

Editing: Felix Zorn-Pauli

Grading: Valentin Hödlmoser

Sound Design: Tobias Fischbach

On-Set Sound: Tobias Fischbach, Dominik Klug

Film Score: Christopher Klug

Make-Up: Liora Lauppert

Setrunners: Johannes Hausegger, Carla Merkscha