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Maximilian Milla

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Maximilian Milla was born in Hitzendorf, next to Graz (Austria) on December 30, 2003. His passion for making films crystallized in his early childhood. With his first camera, a Canon Power Shot A1200 he made his first small video at the age of 5 years, which Maximilian also edited afterwards. 

At the age of 10 years, he shot his first 20-minute shortfilm. In the next four years, four more short films followed, which became more professional and complex each time. 

In order to get closer to his life goal, Maximilian Milla decided to graduate at the HTBLVA Ortweinschule in Film and Multimedia Art Department in 2018, where Maximilian has already been involved in several projects. Maxi’s own projects contain the stop-motion film „Safety Second„, the experimental film „Traumfänger„, and the two promotion videos „Regiesketch“ and „deleted characters„, which were produced for Open House 2020. 

All these projects were produced, written and directed by Maxi Milla. 

In course of time, Maximilian Milla focused more and more on areas such as directing, producing and screenwriting. He also contributed to projects such as „Tunnelblick“ and „Felix„, among others as the production’s manager. 

In addition, he was able to gain experience outside of school as well.

In summer 2021, he was involved in Ruth Mader’s feature film „Serviam –Ich will dienen„, which is still in work.

In summer 2021, Maximilian Milla and Felix Zorn-Pauli produced the short film „Surreales Ich“. Maximilian directed the film and wrote the screenplay. Felix was the Director of Photography. „Surreales Ich“ is about Simon Poch, who suffers from dissociative identity disorder – he sees himself in other people. A feature of this film is the special VFX by Felix. 

In the schoolyear 2021/22 Maximilian Milla is going to make his biggest film so far, called “Infight”. „Infight“ is about a fallen heavyweight boxer, who is about to get kicked out of the fighting-club.

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